CapSen Robotics Introduces CapSen PiC 2.0 Bin-Picking Software with Programmable AI

May 1, 2024

CapSen Robotics, an innovator in 3D machine vision and motion planning software for robotic bin-picking applications, introduces the v2.0 release of its CapSen PiC software. The system features an intuitive new user interface (UI) and programmable AI designed to tackle challenging high-mix, low-volume bin-picking tasks.

CapSen PiC 2.0 easy to use UI

Enhance Operational Efficiency with Robots & 3D Vision

September 12, 2023

Deploying a vision-guided robot to pick and place medical supplies or other small, individual components from clutter presents significant challenges to companies. We have the solution! CapSen Robotics – in collaboration with trusted partners such as Calvary Robotics – have built a bin picking solution that addresses these challenges in industries ranging from medical to logistics and manufacturing.

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