CapSen Scanner

Additional Hardware

CapSen Scanner is an all-inclusive object scanning system that will create realistic mesh models of parts and products. Advanced 3D camera technology in combination with an automatic scanning table creates a system that is virtually hands-free. Models can be ready to use within a few minutes.

As an item undergoes scanning, multiple point clouds are transformed into a detailed mesh model.

CapSen Scanner is capable of scanning an assortment of items. We offer options for capturing high quality scans of items of various sizes, materials, and textures.

The scan system is a cohesive yet customizable system that includes a scan table, a 3D camera, a calibration target, and operational software. The type of 3D camera supplied will depend on your requirements or requests.


  • Acquire 3D object models in minutes
  • Annotate models for use in CapSen PiC
  • No need to supply your own CAD models

Product Components

  • Software
  • Scan Table
  • Calibration Target
  • 3D Camera

Camera Options

  • Kinect
  • Zivid
  • Photoneo
  • & more upon request


  • Calibration plates
  • Extra computer
  • Replacement parts