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3D Vision Technology Advances to Keep Pace With Bin Picking Challenges

07/19/2021 -

With the Zivid Two camera, CapSen achieved a combined image capture and object detection speed of under 0.5 seconds and an average cycle time of 4 seconds per pick. In addition, thanks to the camera’s artifact reduction technology, native color operation, and high dynamic range, CapSen’s solution has operated error free, 24/7, while picking a wide variety of matte, glossy, semitransparent, and plastic-wrapped products.

3D vision camera answers the call of medical kitting

April, 2021 - Zivid

Super-high volumes, ultra-fast cycle times, and an almost limitless variety of small products for picking, medical kitting presents automation engineers with a stringent set of demands. CapSen Robotics turned to the Zivid Two camera to provide the 3D sensing accuracy the application demands. CapSen Robotics specializes in 3D machine vision and motion planning software. It equips industrial robot arms with all the spatial intelligence and control they need to handle even the most difficult of objects - with far greater accuracy and much greater speed.

How Robots Are Impacting the Workforce

Feb 27, 2020 - Cheddar News

Jared Glover, CEO of CapSen Robotics, joins 'Cheddar Innovates' to discuss how its technology can create a safer environment for employees, and how robots are actually filling a gap in manufacturing jobs.

A Robot Untangles Metallic Spaghetti

Winter 2019 - Vision Spectra

Pittsburgh-based Ace Wire Spring & Form Co. Inc. is a leading maker of custom springs and wire forms, including metal wire that is formed into hooks. The manufacturing process is highly complex, with 10 steps in the hook production process — beginning with bending the wire into 5-cm hooks, passing the hooks as bulk material into bins, and inserting them into a press that forms the ends.After the hook ends are pressed, they are brought to another station where an operator puts a bead on the flattened end of the hook, and the bead and the hook then get pressed together with a spring. The bead thus holds the spring in place and the spring gets tapered around. The final product is a swivel hook extension spring that can be used as a tensioning spring for fan belt pulleys.

CapSen Robotics’ combination of 3D vision and motion planning software can turn any conventional industrial robot arm into a bin picking and machine-tending cell

What happens when you pair the world’s smallest robot with 3D vision?

May 7, 2021 - Mecademic Blogs

Meet our latest addition to the MecaNetwork: CapSen Robotics. CapSen provides tailor-made solutions for unique automation challenges such as picking and placing small, shiny, metallic, and other complex parts—even assembling the pieces.

How? Their 3D vision, motion planning, and control software, CapSen PiC™, gives robots the spatial intelligence needed to manage such automation tasks.