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CapSen Robotics has developed a software product called CapSen PiC that combines CAD-based 3D vision (which enables complex geometric reasoning), motion planning and control algorithms to give robots the ability to locate, pick, and manipulate objects from cluttered bins and shelves.

The software, which our CEO began developing at MIT 10 years ago, works with any object, any robot, and any 3D camera, and no custom programming is required for new parts. It's also the fastest software of its kind, which means robots with CapSen PIC achieve the fastest cycle times on the market and therefore the best ROIs.

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Pick & Place

We help you make your processes more efficient by helping you to automate work, free up capacities, and bridge labor shortages.

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Machine Tending

CapSen assists your production workflow with robots that are able to perform repetitive tasks with tireless precision.

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We provide tailor-made solutions for consistent and reliable kitting of objects such as medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

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With CapSen's advanced motion planning technology, we provide our customers with solutions for spraying applications such as cleaning toxic material.