New in PiC 2.0

New Application Capabilities

  • Repack
  • Sorting
  • Tote picking and stacking
  • Deformable object picking
  • Model-free picking
  • Picking from non-rectangular bins

Core Software Additions & Enhancements

  • Improved pick accuracy
  • Support for z-compliance devices
  • Robot on a rail
  • Support for multiple cameras
  • Support for on-arm cameras
  • Grasp verification
  • Linear moves
  • Relative action locations

All New User Interface

  • Improved action script editing and location recording
  • Deployment templates
  • More calibration options
  • Improved collision environment configuration
  • Improved DIO UI - all your I/Os at a glance
  • Clean and consistent look and feel
  • Better UI responsiveness
  • Status message improvements
  • Trigger camera button
  • Built-in help documentation
  • Security: improved password protection
  • Backup and restore data

About CapSen PiC

CapSen PiC is a cutting edge combination of 3D vision, collision-free motion planning and control software that gives robots spatial intelligence for pick & place applications. CapSen PiC was developed to enable robot arms to handle objects of a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and orientations – even when they are small, flat, shiny, or entangled. It provides the most advanced 3D vision and motion planning abilities in its class, with support for highly complex packaging, machine tending, and assembly tasks that go far beyond simple pick and place. We also provide testing and results-based consulting, custom end effector design, task configuration, custom picking algorithms, and installation support.

One of the features we are most proud of is the ability of CapSen PiC to provide a complete solution to the bin picking problem. The CapSen PiC software can take complete control of your robot cell, controlling the robot, end effector(s), 3D cameras, and all other relevant devices in the cell. This greatly reduces your integration burden to add a bin picking cell to your next project, because you can truly treat a cell powered by CapSen PiC as a black box. With our consulting services, you can even ship your cell to us and let us install, configure, and test CapSen PiC to meet your project requirements. Then we will ship the cell back to you (or directly to the factory) giving you the peace of mind that your cell has been configured and tested by the experts. With our headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, shipping, support and response time within North America is a breeze.


Our intuitive UI makes our software easy for anyone to use

CapSen PiC's new UI is designed to make the installation process even easier for anybody who wants to introduce a bin picking system into their production process. We want to give customers the ability to more easily configure and install their own bin picking systems; easily configure robot arms, swap out end effectors, or even replace the objects to be picked. Our team is available for troubleshooting, or to provide custom solutions for especially difficult automation tasks.

Features & Benefits

Product Specifications

Pick objects from clutter

Precise placement (position and orientation)

High-level task planning:

  • Disentanglement
  • Stacking
  • Packaging

Fast cycle times

  • Pick up to 30 parts per minute

Wide range of part sizes

  • As small as 1cm
  • Up to 1m

Works with any robot and 3D camera configuration

  • We help you choose the right robot and camera for your application, based on your wants and needs

Live demonstration

  • We'll provide a live demo of a robot picking your objects prior to your commitment

Off-site testing

  • We'll run a series of off-site tests to validate a working solution prior to deployment and will provide performance data supporting testing efforts.

Dev Kit

  • For more advanced users, we will be happy to provide yoour Developer's Toolkit -- our advanced UI and patented object scanner that allows you to take full control of your CapSen PiC integration projects, saving you money and time.

PiC Hardware

  • Computer with PiC software pre-installed
  • 3D camera(s)
  • Calibration equipment


  • Long range: 1.5m
  • Short range: 0.5m

Object Sizes

  • Orientation: Any
  • Shape: Any
  • Minimum object size: 10mm
  • Minimum feature size (e.g. diameter): 3mm

Object Types

  • Boxes (small and large, including palletizing)
  • Objects with complex or unusual shapes
  • Small, shiny, and semi-transparent objects
  • Hardware, food items, medical devices, and more


  • 1-5mm after picking
  • 0.1-1mm after fixturing

*depends on 3D camera type and placement


  • <1 sec. image processing/planning time
  • 0.3 sec. part recognition (CAD matching) time
  • 2 second cycle time with standard 6-axis arms
  • Pick up to 30 parts per minute


  • ABB
  • Denso
  • Fanuc
  • Mitsubishi
  • Precise
  • Yaskawa
  • ...and more upon request

End Effectors

  • Vacuum
  • Parallel gripper (custom design available)
  • Magnetic


  • Indoor, climate controlled
  • Medical environments
  • Warehouses
  • Works with racks and shelves

Why choose CapSen PiC?

What separates CapSen from other bin picking solutions? CapSen PiC has one of the fastest image processing and planning times in the market, making it easy to meet cycle times. Along with the ability to run 24/7, error-free, you can achieve your ROI within months of installment. CapSen PiC is able to handle a wide variety of objects: from small metal parts, to objects with unique, complex geometry. We can work with any camera and robot configuration, allowing us to bring you the perfect solution for your parts and automation needs. Whether your bin picking environment is a medical facility where cleanliness is vital, or you have a warehouse full of shelves, PiC is suitable for most environments, objects, and automation needs.

The CapSen PiC Computer

Accessories and Add-ons

CapSen Scanner

CapSen Scanner is an all-inclusive object scanning system that will create realistic mesh models of parts and products. Advanced 3D camera technology in combination with an automatic scanning table creates a system that is virtually hands-free. Models can be ready to use within a few minutes.

Additional Hardware

If you need replacement parts, or if you just like having extras, we also have additional hardware available for purchase, including:

  • Calibration plates
  • Extra computer
  • Replacement parts
More about PiC accessories